Five on a Friday

Iphonography – South Queensferry

I thought it would be nice, now that it is getting colder and it is more tempting to stay inside listening and reading, to reinstate this theme. However, I’d also really love to feature your choice of Five on a Friday – so if you’d like to give your selection let me know.

For today, first a wonderful exhibition of Leon Morrocco’s paintings at the Open Eye Gallery. Just in case you’re not in Edinburgh and can’t just pop along some of the paintings are featured on the gallery’s website. If you are in Edinburgh, make sure you round off your visit to Glass and Thomson across the road for marvellous cakes.

From George Szirtes’ blog an interesting article on Some Hungarian women photographers. There is an exhibition of Hungarian Photographers coming at the Royal Academy sometime next year.

Also via his site an interesting video covering the changing map of Europe over 10 centuries. Interesting to see the initial stages as I caught some snippets on the radio this morning about how the Vikings travelled to Russia by crossing the Baltic Sea and then navigating the rivers. And that one of their settlements gave the name to Russia as they were referred to as Rus.

Also just seen a lovely video presentation of hand- coloured photography by Dianne Poinski .

And finally, I hadn’t got round to posting a link to the Decor8 Blog calendar roundup post . I was delighted that my Venice calendar was featured amongst all the other beautiful calendars. ( There are 6 posts altogether of calendars – that should be enough to find one you like  ! )

If you’d like to suggest your own five for another week leave a comment or send me a “convo” on Etsy.


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