Experiments in Colour.

Highland Colours1 1

Highland Colours 2

Highland Colours 3

I’ve been pondering over the last while that actually, what I’m most interested in is colour. And that explains to me why I am drawn in so many different directions – from silk painting to photography and now increasingly, applying photos to textiles. ( This has been a project behind the scenes ,but I’ll have some results to show soon.) When I started to process these images from a recent trip to the highlands I decided to try and bring them back to their essential colours and hide  the actual details of the scene . Do you think it works or not ?


9 thoughts on “Experiments in Colour.

  1. Beautiful! I love what you did here. They look like silk paintings. I agree – the three together would work really well as a tryptych. Can’t wait to see more of what you have been up to!

  2. Thanks Joanna, Judit, Catherine, Anka and Dianne for your thoughts.
    If they still look like the highlands, that is what I was hoping for. And yes, they do remind me of silk too – there is a technique where you drip sugar syrup onto the silk and it also gives those kinds of soft streaks.

  3. These are absolutely stunning! They do remind me of fabric painting..or something of the sort. No matter what you decide to do with them..the result – I’m sure – will be spectacular!

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