Granny Green’s Big Night Out – A new hive of Craftiness hits Edinburgh

Apologies to readers who are further afield ,but I didn’t want to let the creation of this new crafty group go by without a blog post. Edinburgh’s arty crafty types now have a new place to go on a Monday night.


With a perfectly timed launch to coincide with the start of autumn, Granny Green’s Big Night Out  lured people in with the promise of craft and cupcakes and they delivered on both counts. Thanks to the hard work of Sarah ( @whoopdedoo) Emily (@lostintheforest) and Fiona from @theLotEdinburgh ) the first meeting was a great success. It also helps that the Lot is such an attractive space to be in. ( By the way, the Lot bistro is still open as normal on the other days of the week )

They intend it to be a weekly event that people can drop into whenever they feel like. In addition to crafty activities they are also setting up a monthly book group and film group. So something for nearly everyone then. It was lovely to meet so many people on Monday and I’m looking forward to meeting more and learning new skills over the winter.


( Picture from Iphone – Bunting draped over my “After a Day of Granting Wishes” Polaroid Collage)


Other bits and bobs – Next issue of my Studio Newsletter will be out later today – you can subscribe here and get two freebie postcard downloads.

And Danielle LaPorte, the whirlwind behind the FireStarterSessions  is doing a two for one offer this week, running until Friday. Split the cost with a friend, gift someone with the Sessions or have one donated to a lucky stranger. I’ve been working with them for the last few months ( in small bites because the content is so thorough I need time to digest it) -but I’ve had a lot of “aha” moments as a result. If you’ve heard of her you’ll know what I mean, If you are new to her work then you are in for a treat.


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