Thassos – The Greek Emerald Isle.

After a 10 year break I finally made it back to Thassos recently. ( You might have recognised some of my picture posts as having a Greek flavour) Although the intention of the visit was not primarily  photographic its very difficult to leave the cameras behind. I did keep things to a reasonable minimum with only 3 .  This set of images is intended as a tryptich but also works as individual images. These, and other images from my Greek series will be added to my Etsy shop once I have the prints back from the lab.





3 thoughts on “Thassos – The Greek Emerald Isle.

  1. Have you been before then? To Thassos?
    I wonder what its like and often thought about going there since I stayed in Irakliza on teh mainland about 40 years ago and Thassos was on the horizon. I’ve been to Skopelos, a little further south and it was very green but rained a lot. I would be interested in any information you have about Thassos.

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