Back to Flowers and Changing Plans….

 I’ve always liked flowers – drawing them as a child , taking Polaroids of them, doing other kinds of photos. Last Saturday at the market I found a lovely bunch of  wild flower types – I’m not sure what they all are, but looked like they would be very much at home in a meadow. I’m enjoying experimenting with them and seeing what evolves.

In other news, I’ve decided to make my “August Break ” a bit more break like. When I’m at home its not too difficult to come up with a different extra for every day of the month. But from now until the end of the month I’ll be out and about a little more so I’m going to change things a little. Instead of adding a different bonus every day I’m going to stop doing those and instead come up with something that will apply only on my birthday  ( which is the 25th of August ). Pop back next Wednesday to find out more.


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