August Break in PX Colour ( The Impossible Film)

A change from the Iphonography of recent days. This is my second shot taken with the Impossible Film /PX Colour.

There are some dots showing up on the scan, but if it behaves as the previous shot did, these will disappear after a couple of days. I bravely set off to take a picture outside – bravely as the film still has to be protected from light straight away and that is quite tricky when you are outside with blowing winds etc. I used the same technique as I did with the black and white film of shooting into a black plastic bag ( a bin liner folded up and taped to a small size). I saw an explanation of how to make a light shield out of black card and that might be a little easier to work with, but even so , the black bag seems to do the trick well enough.

I didn’t try manipulating any images yet, I thought I’d get to grips with the film a little first. But althoughI do like Polaroid “neat” my main hope is to have film that can be manipulated. And really I’d like bright colours too, but I’ll settle for muted colours for now in the hope that those magicians at the factory in Enschede will get the colours bright in the end.


4 thoughts on “August Break in PX Colour ( The Impossible Film)

  1. This is a lovely effect. I must admit, I’m so out of the loop on this that I thought Polaroids had completely died the death and that people taking Polaroids had stock-piled vast quantities of film…or that they were using Photoshopped polaroid effects! How nice that film *is* still being produced. I’m now just kicking myself that I took my camera to the charity shop some years back!

    • Thanks šŸ™‚ Actually you can probably still pick up the cameras – in charity shops or ebay etc. I have three and picked them all up online…although admittedly a wee while ago now.

      And yes, I was shooting with stock-piled film for ages too, and still have a little. But that film is now so expired that it is even more erractic than this new “Impossible” film.

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