New Directions


Edinburgh 2010 – Iphone

While I wait to see how the colour format from The Impossible Project turns out I’m still casting around to see what I’ll do if I can’t keep working in the Polaroid technique that I prefer.

I have been shooting with my Holga and Polaroid back ( which can also take Fuji Film, so still in good supply) and with a tiny Diana mini which really IS a plastic camera. I’ve still to get the first film processed from the latter, so we’ll see what I’ve come up with. But I’ve seen other people  get really interesting results. The appeal for me was that you can shoot square format with a 35mm film – oh , and do double exposures.

And from the oldest techniques to the newest , my other experiments have been with my Iphone. The built in camera, combined with a few interesting apps  provide all the ingredients for just “playing” the way I worked with Polaroid at the beginning. I think I need that slightly carefree element to push on into new areas.

I’ve created an account at posterous – to collect all my “iphonography” images.


One thought on “New Directions

  1. Beautiful image here as well as on your “posterous” site. I love the term “iphonography”! I think it’s important to shake things up a bit and try new approaches to our photography, so I am excited to see what you are doing here. Can’t wait to see more!

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