The Illusionist – Edinburgh Film Festival


 A little mosaic from my phone pictures. For once it was nice to leave heavy cameras and big lenses at home.

A little glimpse of the goings on at the opening of the Edinburgh Film Festival. I’d been waiting to see the film that opened this year’s festival for a long time as I’d heard little snippets about it during the last couple of years. So it was a treat to manage to get tickets to see the film on the opening night.

This video  captures a bit of the razzmatazz with Sir Sean Connery and Sir Patrick Stewart amongst others.

I’ll leave the reviews to the cinema buffs – here  and here. But from me , well, Edinburgh has never looked more beautiful on screen.

The day after I went to hear the director , Sylvain Chomet , talk about making the film. Often these conversations can be even more enjoyable that the finished project. And in this case the behind the scenes glimpse into how the animations were done,  the dealings with officialdom and eductional establishments and some interesting thoughts on  flying versus train travel was very entertaining.  Train travel “massages the brain” and allows new ideas to develop.

The film will be on general release in Scotland on the 20th of August – possibly earlier in other places so keep a look out for it .

The other important celebration today is for Etsy’s fifth birthday and I’m heading down to Leith later on to join the party there.

If you are in Edinburgh my exhibition is still on until Saturday the 26th at Newington Library.

And the next issue of my Studio Newsletter with work in progress and creative snippets will be out soon too – don’t miss it by subscribing here .


5 thoughts on “The Illusionist – Edinburgh Film Festival

  1. Yes Judit, he’s the patron of the film festival so he is usually there. He does a lot to help the film festival behind the scenes.

    The Etsy party was fun too – met a lot of Etsy people I didn’t know as well as some I’d met before. Was there one in Budapest ?

  2. It was so nice to see you again Rhiannon!
    and would you believe it but one of the artists/illustrators for the movie lived above my mum for 3 years!!! with his family.

    It’s a small world! I’ll be seeing the movie hopefully and my mum too.

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