Exhibition Video – Islands and Cities – plus postcard giveaway.

Video from the current exhibition at Newington Library Edinburgh. Currently with authentic library soundtrack as I still have to learn how to add a sound track to the top of a video.

The “Islands ” from the title are  paintings of Iona and the Orkney Islands  by my Dad, Kevin Connelly. The “Cities” are one image  from each of the 12 Cities from my “12 City Project” . These were shot with ( expired) sx 70 Polaroid film or Artistic TZ Polaroid film , manipulated on location and then colour tweaked prior to printing to help the colour. I really prefer to keep that to a minimum and when shooting “fresh” sx70 I hardly had to do anything – but the Artistic TZ in particular has a really sludgy greenish cast which had to go !

Now that the exhibition is up I can resume work on pulling the book version together. I have set a deadline to complete this, but am keeping that to myself for the time being !

I am running a little giveaway of exhibition postcards for people who visit the exhibition in person, but thought it would be fun to draw one from someone who  comments on one of the exhibition posts too.

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7 thoughts on “Exhibition Video – Islands and Cities – plus postcard giveaway.

  1. I had a long response to post but WordPress went down for a bit just as I was about to post it!

    In short (and just the facts!):
    (1) I came here as a result of a link from my friend, Annette Tait of Dragon House of Yuen.
    (2) I really like the fact that you did an exhibition with your father.
    (3) Both the photographs and the watercolors (Cities and Islands) are beautifully done.

  2. I loved the video! I guess it’s the next best thing to seeing the show in person.

    It’s so great that you did this show with your Dad. I hope to do one with my son someday.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the book!

  3. I’m a newcomer to your work but I love that this is a collaboration with your dad. I’m also a bit of a photography phobe, so I’m mighty impressed! 🙂

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