Exhibition Opening – Edinburgh

Kirkwall Harbour, Orkney by Kevin Connelly

So, finally the “Islands and Cities” Exhibition I’m having together with my Dad is open. The private view was last night and went really well – thanks to everyone who came along . A lot of friends and family and also lovely to finally put faces to a few names from Etsy and Twitter as well.

“12 City Project” – Venice – Rhiannon Connelly

Exhibition Private View

A more relaxing day today so I skived off in the afternoon to watch “The Gleaners” by Agnes Varda. Taking her inspiration from the paintings of gleaners in the past, those who collected what the wheat or potato harvest left behind, she looked for modern equivalents. She found plenty – those who find all their food in supermarket skips and market left overs. Others who collect the surplus fruits or potatoes in rural communities. Or artists who collect junk left out for collection and create artwork from them. But this discription does not do her lyrical and charming style justice. The Edinburgh filmhouse is still showing a few more of her films until the weekend – including the Beaches of Agnes which is another quietly inspirational film.


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