Edinburgh Sunshine

Nearly everyone seems to be outside these days – after such a long cold winter and a pretty mixed spring so far, the attitude seems to be – make the most of it while the sun is out.

So I took a stroll across town to one of my favourite cafes – swapping Italy for Sweden this time. No cardamom buns today but a very nice lemon poppy seed loaf and a pretty good cappucino. In no time I had all my exhibition notes written .

Stopping en route to take a picture of the castle. You can get a bit blase ( where are the accents on this keyboard ? )  about your own environment but the light on the trees and the castle were gorgeous this afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Sunshine

  1. What is the Swedish cafe Rhiannon?
    I’m always intrigued by your cafe posts – I love a great cup of tea and cake so cafe hunting is arduous at times as I wade thru the mire to the island gems!
    Did you ever go to the Portrait Gallery cafe? it was super for cakes.
    I love the castle too and always make time to give it some admiring glances every time I’m in the city.

  2. aaah now I was at that Swedish cafe on sunday which was nice and sunny and while buying my sandwich lusted after their ice creams but resisted !

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