Behind the Scenes and On the Surface.

 I’ve been working , in quiet moments, on  a new photo collection that I’ve decided to call the “Colour Collection”. Yes, I know I am mostly all about colour at the best of times. But this is a collection that is intended to be hung  in colour groupings. I’ll be adding them , a few each day, over the next couple of weeks.

Behind the scenes I am working on overhauling my website. It has become a bit complicated to have Starrybluesky over here and Rhiannon Connelly over there – so I’m going to be pulling it altogether into one place. When I started out I intended to keep them as separate elements, and they still are, but people have told me that  they would find it easier if everything was in one place. So , your wish is my command.

More behind the scenes work going on  to get everything ready for the exhibition. I’ve got all my canvases back , and they are looking good , so it is nearly all in place. The exhibition will run from the 31st of May to the 26th of June at Newington Library, Edinburgh – if you would like an invitation to the private view just let me know in the comments.

And next issue of the Studio Newsletter will be out next week – you can sign up here  if you’d like a copy. I write about work in progress and “the creative life” with tips and resources. You’ll  get two freebie postcard downloads too.


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