Out and About – Crafty Edinburgh.

 Sunny day here so I took a little time off  to go for a walk around town. Past the farmer’s market to get some fish and veggies. Stopping off or a cappucino at my favourite Italian cafe. The BEST cappucino in Edinburgh, in my opinion.

And then on to the Roxy Art House to see Made  In The Shade on their Edinburgh debut.  I hadn’t actually managed to get to Glasgow to see any of their previous shows, or even to visit their permanent shop so I was glad of the chance to see some of the people showing with them first hand ,instead of just via the internet. They had made good use of the space and had created a lovely atmosphere with boppy tunes and a great cake filled cafe.  I bought some cards and a gorgeous Gillian Kyle Tunnocks Teacake Mug. I’ve given loads of her things as presents so thought it was time I got something for myself.

And after walking all the way up the Royal Mile to get home I came past Ness and managed to  get one of Snapdragon’s new mirrors. I swithered a little between a cupcake, cup and saucer and the jam jar, settling on the latter. I love how she has worked with their signature tartans – and also how she is credited on the item. So often the maker disappears from sight with that type of commission.

Other little bits and pieces – I’m getting ready for the next exhibition , time is marching on and its only two weeks away now. If you’d like an invitation for the private view on the 1st of June let me know in the comments or by email.

And if you’d like to keep up to date with other information you can subscribe to my monthly Studio Newsletter . At the  moment there are also two freebie postcard downloads as a bonus.


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