Resources – or Never Stop Growing

A  few people have  asked  me recently what kit I use – photographic and the rest. So I’ll be doing a couple of posts soon about which cameras I use, which bits and  bobs help me with processsing and other essential items.

But anyone who knows me, knows that I am not so attached to the actual tools .( With the honourable exception of my SX70 Polaroid). Its not about the type of camera, increasingly its not even about “pure” photography as a medium. Its about colour, shape, texture, emotion. Its about training the eye to see, its about capturing a moment, recording a piece of family history, sharing an experience, inspiring someone else to pick up a camera or create in some other way.

I have noticed though,what  is more critical to my continued creative work than any piece of kit. Admittedly it has taken a while to realise , even though it was under my nose all along.

I am nearly always studying something . It hasn’t always been a formal study  or  formal one on one coaching – but there has been some new technique or skill that I’ve wanted to acquire or the support or encouragement of a group that  has helped me over some hurdles. Or 6 to 8 week e-seminars on all kinds of topics from setting intention to dreaming big  dreams. Perhaps it is being a solo-preneur that makes these interactions so invaluable. Or perhaps I just like learning, stretching and growing.  Anyway,since I became aware of this I’ve made a point of always having at least one coaching/learning element on the go. Sometimes more than one.

So I was really excited this morning when an email appeared to say that Danielle LaPorte’s “Fire Starter Sessions” was launching and within minutes had downloaded it .  To back track just a little…..

About 6 months ago I  saw the name Danielle LaPorte popping up online in a few places. She co authored the “Style Statement” book which I read and enjoyed. She also did one on one coaching  with a few people whose opinion I respected  and I noticed that they seemed really energised by their sessions. So when Danielle anounced her new project I joined the advance guard , getting a sneak preview of what was to come. Even though I was impressed by that, I am really delighted  now that I see the whole thing. I am so taken by her straight talking approach and her ability to ask the questions that get to the heart of the matter. I’m looking forward to seeing what I unearth as I go through the texts and worksheets. Actually, I had an “aha moment” watching the first video where a solution to a current issue suddenly became crystal clear. I hadn’t expected such immediate results ! But I’ll work through it all, and will give another review once I’ve completed it.

If you haven’t come across her before this is what she says in her  brief  bio –

 Danielle LaPorte is the creator of which has been called “the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality.” An inspirational speaker and business strategist, and former think tank exec, Danielle’s new digital book, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS helps entrepreneurs rock their career with integrity, audacity and their truest strengths. She describes them as :  “an e-book meets video transmission of acumen and love. You: are likely sitting on an empire of content, product, services, and prosperity that needs a spark — or blow torch — to take you to the next level. You: want to rock your revenue streams and do meaningful things in the world.”

If you are curious you can find out more about her and the Fire Starter Sessions here –


(Disclaimer – The links here are affiliate links, so if you do go on to purchase I’ll get a little something .  This is only the second item I’ve ever made an affiliate link to, as I do not dish out endorsments lightly ! )


4 thoughts on “Resources – or Never Stop Growing

  1. Hi again Rhiannon, I’m slowly making my way through your blog and am really enjoying the journey. I’m an advocate of constant learning and it’s something I want yo explore this year. I wonder whether you’d be happy to share with me some of the best courses you have down online as I’m on the lookout for some to take. I’m wanting yo learn more about watercolour too as I’m really inspired to make some watercolour landscapes for home.

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