Five on a Friday

Picking up my Friday theme again for a little while as I keep coming across random snippets of goodness that I’d like to pass on.

First , if you are in Edinburgh until the 16th of May , pop in to the gardens at St Andrew’s Square and have a look at the wonderful animal photography by Steve Bloom. He has captured intimate moments in their lives  such as a monkey contemplating the rain splashing on his palm. Other images show wonderful patterns such as the geometric green patterns on a lizard or masses of stripy zebras.

Recent film trips have included two little gems. Admittedly I am within the target market for a film about rural Romania – ( given my very longstanding soft spot for this country). But I notice that it has also charmed a lot of others. Constantin and Elena  is a documentary featuring two pensioners living in rural Romania and made by their grandson. What stuck me, and continues to give me food for thought, was how self sufficient they were and how skilled – from making and smoking their own sausages to their very accomplished and deft baking skills. Not to mention the weaving done on a large loom in the home. It feels as though, for all our modern progress, we have lost an element of simple contentment.

Another study of  a different lifestyle came with Mark Cousin’s film The First Movie  made in a Kurdish village in Iraq. Visually it had a beautiful dreamy quality, and on occasion veered into what he called “magic realist documentary”. Part of the idea was to give cameras to the children in the village and allow them to make their own films. The result was again very moving and thought provoking. I hope it gets wider screening so that more people have the opportunity to see it.

Moving along –  it has been around for a while, but I didn’t see it until this week – if you haven’t seen this joyful “Sound of Music”  inspired piece from Antwerp you are in for a treat.

And finally Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse and Journey Juju has started to do a fun video broadcast  “Juju Infusion “  every week. Lots of little snippets about travel, creativity and other life enhancing tips. You might spot a little bit of Starrybluesky in this week’s episode.


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