Hot off the Press – New or Coming Soon.

Its always a great thrill when something new comes thudding through the letterbox. I’ve had some postcards done before, but I ran out of them – whenever I do an exhibition they absolutely fly out the door. So getting some new ones done was a chance to try out new designs and oh my goodness – they turned out beautifully ! They will be appearing in my shop in the next couple of days – but not quite today, because I want to package them up differently this time.

The other thrill was to get some printed fabric back, that I ordered from the amazing Spoonflower. Although I love prints on paper or canvas there is something very magical about seeing your work printed onto fabric. The possibilities just go wide open in terms of what you can do with the images now !  That said, I’m still very aware of my “previous life” as a textile designer and reluctant to get into any large scale production. But you can expect to see a few little special textiles making an appearance in my Etsy shop over the next few weeks. If you have been on the fence about trying Spoonflower I urge you to have a go. I have been “waiting” for a quiet moment to try them out for months now and the result is so beautiful I wish I’d tried ages ago.


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