More Exhibition Preparation and 12 City snippets..

 When I put together the exhibition last year I used a technique that I learned from Ariane Goodwin and her Smartist Telesummit. From that I created an exhibition checklist  which should make it much quicker this time. A few people have asked if I will share my checklist so I’ll try to get that organised in the next week or so.

I feel as though I have really “adopted” my 12 cities , and as is the way of it, once you are tuned into a particular thing, you see it pop up all over the place. I’m currently reading “The Museum of Innocence”, set in Istanbul, by Orhan Pamuk. I have found it a little heavier than , for example , “Snow” , which I really loved. But am persevering. And encouraged after seeing the video interview online where he talks about the novel and his thoughts about creating  a museum based on a novel.

And while not strictly linked to “my” Romanian city, Sibiu,  this band, The Nightlosers, has been a favourite ever since I first heard them some years ago.  They are fusion of tradional Romanian folk with blues and jazz and I can’t listen to them without feeling cheered up. One day, sometime , I’ll go and hear them live. Here  you can listen to their Transylvanian style Blue Suede Shoes.


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