A Change is as Good as a Rest


Just to have a bit of a change of scenery, a friend and  I made a  day trip to Newcastle yesterday by train. The route from Edinburgh goes past some gorgeous coastline which has been a favourite for a long time. The intial  idea was to visit the current exhibiton at the Baltic ( Jenny Holzer ), but actually just the idea of a day trip was tempting enough.

Interesting how something as simple as just a  day away from your normal routine can be enough to kick start other projects on your return. It can be easier to find solutions to current problems and to brain storm about new projects.

Of course it was also rather pleasant sitting having lunch by the river and watching the world go by. And seeing the Kittiwakes flying back and forth around the Baltic Mill.

Where would you go on a day trip from where you live ?

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One thought on “A Change is as Good as a Rest

  1. I love Newcastle, and often have a day out sketching there with my sister. Also we love going down to London to catch an exhibtion. I agree, a a change of scenery definitely works wonders

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