Work in Progress – Do you share or do you keep silent ?

I’ve touched on this issue in the past, and have just come back to it during the last week. In an earlier post I discussed how my preference used to be to not talk about things that I was working on, because somehow the ” talking” got in the way of the “doing”.

Then when I set off on my “12 City Project” I was very open about what I was doing, even though at the outset I didn’t have a really clear plan. To my surprise, discussing this work had a really positive effect and the encouragement and interest it got was definitely a factor that helped me to complete it.

So, in the light of this , I thought I’d carry on in the same vein, in the second stage of this project ,where I’m pulling everything together into a book and a travelling exhibition. To my surprise, this stage has not benefited from openness or discussion in the same way. And I now plan to get on with it quietly , with little comment.

So my question is – when working on a project – do you talk about it while it is in progress ? Do you wait until you have completed it before you talk about it ? Does the energy around the project feel different depending on which option you choose ? And how do you decide which route is best for your current work ?

A lot of questions, but I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and experiences on this.

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3 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Do you share or do you keep silent ?

  1. Sometimes I do talk about my projects, sometimes not…. I dont have a rule for that. I would say listen to your instincts 🙂

    Lovely picture, by the way 🙂

  2. For me, I don’t talk about art, a series of pieces I’m working on, but if it’s a show I’m getting together and setting up, then yes, input is welcome, so I do try to get ideas. I think about my art as being personal until it’s completed, but a show is meant for others.

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