And Now the Podcast version – 7 Tips on Wholesale for Crafts.

So here we are, after a great workshop with Inner Ear  via  IC:Innovative Craft , in the beautiful Dovecot building ( the old Infirmary Street Baths )and quite a bit of  nail biting and hair pulling later – voila . My podcasting debut !

I’ve picked my recent blog post on getting started with wholesale for crafts as the basis for the podcast. Over the last year I’ve become a big fan of podcasts myself. I load them up on my ipod and listen to them when I am walking around town or on longer trips. ( Some current favourites are the weekly podcasts from Alyson Stanfield  author of  “I’d Rather Be in the Studio”  and the longer podcast interviews with all kinds of different craftspeople from Alison Lee  at Craftcast.)

So , drum roll – the podcast  – 7 Tips to get started with Wholesale for Crafts. I’m sure there is a way to embed it in the post, but for now I’ll use this method.

Other news, my monthly newsletter is now up and running so if you’d like to receive the next copy you can  subscribe here  and  also get 2 freebie postcard downloads .

And my “fanpage” for Starrybluesky on Facebook is here.


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