National Portrait Gallery , London

This is a view of London that has a lot to recommend it ! It is from the top floor cafe of the Portrait Gallery, just behind Trafalgar Square. A couple of years ago I spent a  night at a rather basic hotel not far away. I skipped the bland breakfast there, instead getting the day off to a rather luxurious start at the cafe here. It gets rather busy later in the day, so my top tip is as a breakfast spot.

And while we are on the subject of London recommendations here is one that I’ve yet to go to myself – The Dennis Sever’s House Museum  The interior recreates the life of an 18th Century family of Hugenot silk weavers. I photographed the exterior while I was in London doing the 12 City Project, but didn’t have much time for visiting . Apparently it is especially atmospheric in the winter when the house is lit by candles.

And in the same part of London you’ll find Raven Row  another quite intriguing art centre housed  in some renovated Hugenot houses.

Where is your favourite London cafe or place to visit ?


9 thoughts on “National Portrait Gallery , London

  1. Tea at Liberty’s ! The London Review of Books Bookshop Cafe in Bury St (full of intellectuals !) Verde in Spitalfields and the Cafe in Foyles on Charing Cross Road. When the weather is warm making your own cafe by sitting in a park with a take away is another favourite.

  2. Can I say London.. I mean I love London and there is so many places I would love to visit. But a day just walking around in central London.. shopping, relax in hyde park in the summer, or a café somewhere close.. and a evening out in soho with good food and a good drink. yep I think that is what I like best…

  3. Stunning image!
    Do you know this place? It’s unrestored and was a Huguenot silk weavers house and later had a Jweish synagogue added and a secret meeting room below ground. Still unrestored and now the Museum of Immigration clebrating the different waves of immigrants that have passed thro this area.

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