12 City Project – Tallinn & Creative Encouragement


The completion of the 12 City Project is still continuing. So in the meantime another image , this time from my final city – Tallinn in Estonia. I was very taken with the Baltics and will definitely try to make a return visit in a more leisurely manner.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but have  you done the Artist’s Way ? If you are an artist or writer and are feeling “stuck” , then doing the Artist’s Way ( by Julia Cameron) would be my top tip. If you are in central Scotland you can do one day taster sessions in an Artist’s Way style with Mary Gordon of www.creativevoyage.co.uk  – Edinburgh and Glasgow sessions available in February. If you’ve already gone through the AW then what about one of her follow up volumes “Walking in this World“. I’m currently working my way through this with 2 creative buddies and it just helps to provide a sense of tribe and encouragement to keep pushing forward creatively.

Where do you find encouragement to keep pursuing your creative goals ?

(*  By the way,you can sign up for my “soon-to-launch” Ezine from the link on the right or from here – and receive two downloadable postcards*  With a bit of luck I’ll be launching in the next fortnight )


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