Giveaway winners ,New Work and a Request for Help.

Giveaway winners ! Using the tried and tested method of drawing names….the Polaroid Calendar winner is Annette and the mini City Calendar winner is Cynthia. If you let me know where I should send it, I’ll get them away to you.

Now that what seems likes weeks of snow is fading into the distance its time to get down to work. Though hibernating still feels like a much better idea. Still, I had a new batch of Polaroids test printed over the holidays and I’m already listing some of them in my Etsy shop. Although I can’t get the fabulous sx70 film anymore, fortunately I do have quite a large stash of images that I’ve never had printed up, or shown before.

Quick progress report – I’m still working on pulling all the elements of my “12 City” book together and starting to do some test prints of the images. In a dream world I’d set up a little touring exhibition that could make its own journey round these cities.  In a couple of cities I have some ideas of places to approach, little galleries, cafes or other spaces that host exhibitions. But if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them..the cities are…Florence, Prague, Gothenburg, St Andrews, Venice, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Budapest, Sibiu and Tallinn.  I know it is a huge idea and probably will take a few years to see the pictures go everywhere. But if you have any ideas for me, I’d love to hear them .


6 thoughts on “Giveaway winners ,New Work and a Request for Help.

  1. OMG! Is that me, the winner of the city calendar?! How exciting!
    My address is
    Original Impulse
    P.O. Box 300044
    Denver, CO 80203 USA

    For Paris, check out Heather Stimmler-Hall of Secrets of Paris. You might be able to do some fun collaborative event with her. If you read her newsletter, you may get ideas for places to present.

    I’ll be in Amsterdam in June and perhaps longer; maybe I can help you set something up.

    Also, I might be in Istanbul next year! I have a friend I can connect you with…

    So many possibilities for this cool project! I have been showing everyone my Amsterdam photo that you took.

  2. Goodness I’m a winner!! thank you Rhiannon!!
    I have a University contact in St Andrews so shall make an enquiry for you.
    I have been doing my sweeping every day with my fresh broom and things are looking good. I hope your word is carrying you along nicely!
    shall convo you my address, thank you

  3. Beautiful..creative work!!! Thanks for your visit and sweet comment over at Shutter Sisters. Will look forward to seeing you over at Vision and Verb…and I’ll surely be back here to visit often!!!

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