New Brooms and Giveaways….

(Image is of some of the fire installations placed on the Royal Mile and around St Giles Cathedral the night before Hogmanay. Slightly strange, but very striking and created by the French street theatre group Carabosse)

January – month of new brooms , clean sweeps and fresh plans.  I used to dislike January , as it seemed to symbolise all the things I hadn’t managed to get done during the last year. Since I’ve managed to reframe things and look at it as a whole fresh year, I like the month a lot more.  Even the extra long snowy period we’ve had , and are still having , seems to symbolise fresh starts and a clean slate.

Of course, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve, to  get things moving. Along with a lot of other people, I’ve shifted my idea of new year resolutions, opting instead to choose a word for the year. Christine Kane  has written a lot about this , and even created a tool for helping to decide  what your word could be. I swithered a lot about my word for 2010 but have gone back to my initial choice which was “Bold”. It feels a little out of my comfort zone, so that means it is probably about right ! Have you chosen a word for the year ?

For years I’ve done what I simply called collages, but that are now more often called “Vision Boards” – but a new idea has been to join in with creating collages in line with the phases of the moon . From the new moon onwards collecting images that appeal and then making up a collage on the full moon. As there was a full moon on New Year’s Eve this all tied together very nicely.

And in the spirit of  cleaning up store cupboards and refreshing inventories I’m going to do a few giveaways over the next little while, as I change some of the focus in my Etsy shop. First up I have one Polaroid Calendar and one mini 12 City calendar  to give away. To be in with a chance just leave a comment telling me  which is your favourite item in my Etsy shop ( and which calendar you’d prefer if you’re a winner).

I will also ( finally) be launching my ezine this month, so if you’d like to be in the know, from the start , you can sign up  from the link on the right or from here – and receive two downloadable postcards* )


12 thoughts on “New Brooms and Giveaways….

  1. Happy New Year Rhiannon! hope that your bold year brings you delights and joy in all that you do!

    I like the word Success

    My favourite image in your etsy shop is of the Queen’s Swans!

    (and if I win I would like the polaroid calendar)

    many thanks,

  2. I like the Polaroid Art Pendant with ‘Grape Hyacinths in the Spring’ on it- I think it’s really pretty! And, should I win, I’d prefer the Polaroid calendar 🙂

  3. OOoh I’d love to win the Polaroid Calendar. My favourite item from your shop is Polaroid Painting Art Pendant Sunny Ranunculus.

  4. I love the fine art calendar 😀 (if i won that would be lovely).

    My favourite item in your etsy shop is Everything Stops for Tea – Signed Fine Art Photograph. Utterly gorgeous!

  5. I absolutely love
    Put on your Dancing Shoes – Signed Fine Art Photograph

    That was the shot that first drew me to your work.

    And if I win I also like the Polariod Calendar. The other one will create too much wanderlust for my pocketbook to handle 😉



  6. I just love the Polaroid calendar please 🙂

    My favourite item in your etsy shop is Everything Stops for Tea – Signed Fine Art Photograph

  7. Great idea! I love the notion of new brooms.

    My fave in the shop – so hard to choose – is the pendant with the gateway.

    I’d take the city calendar if I won and give it as a gift, since I love mine so much!

  8. I *love* the “It Used To Be This Way” print! Gorgeous with the manipulation!

    If I were lucky enough to win a calendar I’d choose the “12 Cities” version.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the contest!

  9. Hey! Hopefully this will be the first giveaway I win!
    My favorite image is Grape Hyacinth and Green Jug.

    Keep up the cool work!

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