Best of 2009 – Gift #best09

In the spring this year I was listening to a recording of a Christine Kane  phone call . And one of the questions she asked was “What are you doing without, that would make your work easier ?” , or something along those lines. Straight away I thought to myself ” A big screen” . I have managed to do a lot of my photo work on fairly small screens and a really large one seemed a bit of a luxury.  Actually its not a luxury at all, and makes all my work, both photo editing and the art work so much more enjoyable , not to mention easier on the eye. What are you doing without that would make a big difference to your work/ life ?

( This post is part of the Best of 2009 series inspired by Gwen Bell’s post here )

Carrying on the gift theme – from now until the end of the 1st of January, anyone purchasing either my City Calendar or the general Polaroid Calendar will receive a complimentary mini sized City Calendar ( 4×6 inch) – so you can keep one and give one.

(And after a bit of a delay, I am finally getting ready to launch my ezine later in January , so if you’d like to receive a copy of it , straight to your inbox you can register  from the link on the right or from here – and receive two downloadable postcards* )


4 thoughts on “Best of 2009 – Gift #best09

  1. Happy New Year Rhiannon!
    You do deserve a bigger screen! I have been enjoying your wonderful images all year long on my 20″ monitor!

    As for me, I can’t think of anything I have been “doing without”. Actually I am in the mode of getting rid of things I never really needed in the first place.

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