The best of 2009 – Project #best09

Although not strictly 2009 only, as I completed the first third in 2008 – I still have to  choose my “12 City Project” as the project of 2009. ( If you are not familiar with my blog then a quick scan through previous posts will fill you in, but basically over the course of 12 months I visited 12 European cities for about a week each, photographing them with the last of my Polaroid film.) It has really dominated my year – and in the months since the final city, Tallinn at the end of August/ start of September, I have spent a lot of time finishing off the processing of images and working on formatting everything into a  book.  I’m not finished with this yet, but hope to have it completed fairly early in 2010, because I have another couple of projects that I am “cooking” for next year.

The photo with this post is a reworking of my dogwood heart from a couple of weeks ago, jazzed up in winter finery and with lights to celebrate the Solstice.

( This post is part of the Best of 2009 series inspired by Gwen Bell’s post here


6 thoughts on “The best of 2009 – Project #best09

  1. I LOVE this project! I’ve only looked at a few of the 12 so far, but I have to say, your work is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing — the way you’ve developed the Polaroids makes these places seem even more dreamlike than I already thought they were. Happy holidays!

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