The Best of 2009 – Car Ride #best09

I couldn’t initially think of a particularly remarkable car ride – I seem to have spent much more time over the last year in trains – or on foot. But one trip was particularly beautiful. After collecting my exhibition from the gallery in Ullapool  I decided to make the most of a beautiful day. The north west highlands is amongst the most dramatic scenery in Scotland – and this route took me north of Ullapool, following the coast road up to Achiltibuie, with a detour to a really beautiful secluded beach. If  this were further south it would be mobbed – but there was hardly a soul about.

( This post is part of the Best of 2009 series inspired by Gwen Bell’s post here


3 thoughts on “The Best of 2009 – Car Ride #best09

  1. mmmmmmm……what a beautiful scene you’ve captured! It reminds me of when I lived in Scotland. Though I never saw anything as beautiful as this.
    Your photography is so moving and gorgeous! (said with my faux Scottish accent!)

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