#best09 Best Trip


A little late, but better late than never, I’ve cottoned on to the posts inspired by Gwen Bell and her review of 2009. She has been posting a prompt for each day in December. I don’t think each of them will strike a chord with me, so I’ve decided to start at the top of the list and catch up or jump in with the one on that day – exactly as I feel like.

But best trip…in a year full of trips….is a very tall order.

However, when I mull it all over, the best trip was one in early March, to Portugal. The south of Portugal is usually a good bit warmer than Scotland so provides a welcome burst of warmth and sun after the gloomiest Scottish winter months.This was the only trip I made with no photographic agenda, purely relaxing with family in the early spring sunshine. Eating pastel de nata, drinking tea and having breakfasts of toast and rosemary honey on the terrace, walking along the ,still fairly quiet, beaches.  Trees already quite green and oranges on the trees..the best way to come out of winter hibernation.


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