12 City Project – Paris


I am moving back and forth through the 12 cities, completing the processing. Thanks to a bit of an “ah-ha moment”  I’ve found a way to do my processing in a much more efficient manner – really I should have worked this out ages ago, but better late than never. It means that the images side at least will definitely be completed by the end of  the year. Hopefully a good chunk of the book text as well, as that is my main focus for the rest of December. ( Well, during the parts of December that have room for focus).

Another  thing I’ve been doing is  starting to choose  a “Word of the Year” again, as Christine Kane has written about. She’s also running a series of guest posts  throughout December with people discussing their choice of word and the effect it has had on their year – they make interesting reading.


2 thoughts on “12 City Project – Paris

  1. Hi Rhiannon!

    Love the image. Will you post pics of the completed book?

    I’ve been thinking for ages about my word of the year for 2010. This year’s was Discovery but the next…? Hmmm. How do you pick your word, or does it just come to you?

    I’ll be in touch soon (when I have a spare second to exhale!).

    Deb xx

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