Those funny little coincidences…and the fun of shopping on Etsy…

Now and again I can’t resist shopping on Etsy myself – and my latest treat was a set of Polaroid postcards by the photographer Irene Nam. I first saw her Polaroids exhibited  in this cafe – L’oisive the, while I was doing the Paris stage of my 12 City Project. ( I took quite a large batch of Polaroids in the area around La Butte aux Cailles – a little “village” area of Paris that I knew from when I was a student. ) And at the time it gave me a feeling of “being in the right place” to be manipulating my Polaroids there.  After crossing paths with her online I was delighted to find that she has an Etsy shop, but not only that, she was raising money to help Maggie Doyne.  I didn’t know anything about Maggie, but am so amazed by what she has done and continues to do to help the children of Nepal.

The postcards are almost too gorgeous to send out to anyone – and if you do get one, you’ll know you are one of my favourite people !


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