A Mini Packaging Tutorial and Resources….

I have received  a  few compliments on my packaging of late and a couple of  people  asked if I would share what I’ve been doing.  The way I parcel up my photos is something that is always evolving in some way or other , but there are a few basic themes.

My starting point is always “my” colour –  a turquoise shade.  But that means anything I’ve done could  be easily translated to your own colours .. (What do you mean you don’t have your own colours ? )

Sending photos and other paper products through the mail , first consideration is always to make sure they arrive in perfect condition, so  some  sturdy protection is in order , but after that I do like to  try and make sure the parcel looks fun as well.

Thinking of the world and all those landfills I try to be as eco friendly as I can. So my gift wrap of choice is plain brown paper – a roll of recycled if I can find it.

Etsy Packaging

I stacked the bundle of cards and drew round the outline ( 1 & 2). Then folded the paper up over the cards on each side to guage the right size. (3) Finally cutting my initial template (4).

Etsy Packaging 2

I trimmed the two narrow sections straight to overlap in the middle and the two wider ones I cut to create an envelope shape. Once  I have this template I lay out a few layers of brown paper and cut out a number at a time. Ideally I’d cut a template out of cardboard and cut the paper in even thicker layers.

Now the more fun part – to decorate the basic wrapping. I use a little “Moo” sticker to seal the package. I also used Moo to have a batch of mini cards printed with just “Thank You” in shades of blue on one side and my website info on the reverse. This also creates a little band that can hold any note that I include with the order. For variety I also had a go using the same technique with a heavy turqouise paper. And the beauty is you can adapt it to any size you might need.  If  I have to package more than one item then I use a coloured tissue paper for the other item.

Resouces – www.moo.com

This site has to be  the best friend of small business. You can get small runs of normal size business cards ( some people use those as thank you notes ). The mini cards that I’ve used here. And the little stickers.

http://www.paperchase.co.uk/ – Also a good resource in the UK for coloured tissue paper and other decorative elements.

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5 thoughts on “A Mini Packaging Tutorial and Resources….

  1. oOo, love this! Creative packaging makes me so happy – then it’s like getting a real present in the mail, not just something you bought from a big, faceless company 🙂

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