Five on a Friday – Autumn and Winter Joys


I am not keen on winter. Or rather , I used to not be keen on winter. I don’t want to throw a whole chunk of the year into the bin anymore though. So I am determined to really like winter !  For the last few years I have deliberately peppered the winter months with different ways of getting through the darkest days.

Strangely enough, I  like to kickstart winter by going along to the Edinburgh Samhuinn festivities. Even though it is “pretend celtic” I like the symbolism of the green man of spring  being defeated and replaced by the old woman of winter. It is a real spectacle with ranks of different costumed characters, drumming, music and dancing , lanterns and a magical atmosphere.

Hot chocolate. Truly one of the best things about winter.  I don’t have a current favourite for this in Edinburgh – so will need to do some research. If I was in Paris I would probably still head for Angelina and in Venice, though expensive , the lovely Florian Cafe. Yes, I would happily eat dry bread and water for the rest of the day to have the best hot chocolate.

Celtic Connections in Glasgow. Clearly set up by people with the same mindset. January in Scotland needs something cheerful. And that is exactly what we get. Special bonus for people of my own musical persuasion this year ( Balkan/Gypsy/Jazz/Fusion – esque) The Gypys Kings and Queens are performing !

Hibernation – We have got so far away from the natural cycles of things. We push and propel our dreams and plans forward all year round. We never pause for breath. I am giving myself a present this year – of allowing the winter to be a time for ideas to germinate and start to grow , even if it is under the surface and the results won’t start to emerge until spring.

Beach walks. Lovely as they are in summer there is something especially cheering about bundling up in warm woollies and going for a walk along the beach. The nearest one for me is Portobello – with a little video of it for you here.

How do you make autumn or winter more cheerful ?

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2 thoughts on “Five on a Friday – Autumn and Winter Joys

  1. These things are all so important and so easily overlooked! It’s very easy to fall into the ‘oh isn’t winter awful’ mindset of others round about us… but as you say that means missing out on the enjoyment of many months of the year. Esp if you leave in a dark northern climate.

    The bit about hibernation rings true. I was on a call last week and found myself writing that over and over again in my notes. No-one had said it – just an internal reaction, or an expression of what it is that I need.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  2. I like to focus on the inside of my home more, so hopefully some DIY/projects get completed.

    Also like doing crafty stuff, knitting, teaching myself to crochet (not going well), just learnt how to use my sewing machine.

    And, of course, there’s Halloween and bonfire night to add the fun, then Christmas, then a daughter’s birthday and then it’s February, which I don’t mind because it’s so short and in March the daffodils start popping up.

    Am planning to cosy up our sitting room this year and snuggle down to watching some films that actually I’d like to watch (for a change).

    Oh (last thing, promise), when it’s frosty, which it was a lot last winter, love going out with my camera.

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