12 City Project – Sibiu


Rather than working through each city one at a time I’ve been dipping in and out of different cities and processing whichever image appeals to me that day. Some images take  a lot longer to colour correct than others. I’m still waging the battle against “creeping green” and now and again also against phantom dots. ( I’ve said it before, but I’ll say  it again, if you’re working in Artistic TZ film scan as soon as possible).

This image was shot in Sibiu from inside a watch tower – great views in all four directions and not too steep a climb.

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One thought on “12 City Project – Sibiu

  1. Good day,
    Where can I find all your picture with Sibiu?
    I would like very much if you could let me to place some of your picture with Sibiu on my blog. To show the view of a “stranger” about Sibiu!
    Thank you! Multumesc frumos!
    Sarbatori fericite! Craciun fericit!

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