Five on a Friday – Five things I always take when travelling.

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam Canal

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Pashmina – not a  new idea, but I’ve been taking one of these with me on my travels ever since they first became popular. A few important details – it should be a pure wool one ( they will have a harder life than cashmere deserves, but anything synthetic won’t be cozy or hard wearing enough).  Apart from the obvious use as scarf in winter or evening shawl in summer , I keep one handy on flights which usually are a little chilly and have even pressed them into service as a blanket on an overnight train.

Earplugs  – no further explanation needed really !

Lavender/tea tree oil – I keep cosmetics etc down to a minimum when travelling for any amount of time but these two oils can help out in lots of situations from insect bites to insomnia.

Swiss army card – one of my favourite items but sadly can only come with me when I have checked in luggage or am travelling by train. The last time I forgot I had it with me and hand to had it over I was also treated to a stern lecture about how even that little knife would be enough to cause a serious problem.

Huge silk scarf or veil – I used to be a texile designer , working on silk , so I had endless silk scarves just “lying around”. I used absolute rejects and seconds when I was packing , the way other people use tissue paper. Now that I don’t have these handy supplies I’ve discovered an alternative – huge silk veils as used by belly dancers can, by flipping them back and forth, be used to pack a surprising amount.

I’d love to know five essentials from your trip packing list…put them here or in your blog and leave a comment so that I can visit.


4 thoughts on “Five on a Friday – Five things I always take when travelling.

  1. ooh interesting

    Camera and film incase I can’t get anywhere i’m going – the downside of using medium format

    moleskine notebook – blank for journaling and drawing

    drawing pen

    my lush sold shampoo

    diary/address book so I can write postcards on my travels

    otherwise I’m very happy to pick things up in the country I’m visiting – as its an adventure shopping in a different place

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