The colour of Joy ? – Flickr Favourites


I haven’t done a “Flickr Favourites” mosaic for ages  but decided to have a go this morning.  My word of the year for this year is Joy. (Last year’s was “Reveal” ) . It has been an interesting experience to choose these words and see how they can influence my thoughts and attitude. Anyway….most of the images above were the result of searching Flickr with the word joy.

If you want to join in with Artmind’s Mosaic game you can make a mosaic here – and then you can visit her blog and post your link there.

1. Tyska Kyrka HDR Testing, 2. joy, 3. Joy is a windy beach, 4. ~ joy ~


13 thoughts on “The colour of Joy ? – Flickr Favourites

  1. Love the word JOY, such a heartfelt and ‘free’ word!

    I love the one of the dogs on the beach….. if only we could all experience the world the way dogs do…. every moment something interesting, something to be happy about, something to fascinate us and make us laugh!

    Thanks for dropping by my patch of the world Rhiannon!

    You have a gorgeous blog, the words in your header and great!

    Linda. x 🙂

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