Seven Resources for Photographers….

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A few old favourites and new finds….

Photo Jojo has grown quite a bit in the last little while. A terrific resource for all kinds of ideas about “what to do with your photographs” and fun ideas about actually taking the photos too. Now they have published a book of their ideas and also  have a forum up and running .

The Joy of Marketing –  a marketing teleseminar for photographers. Listen to the calls free or buy copies of the downloads. Some very experienced names are speaking here – such as Kevin Kubota one of the wizards of photo processing, Dane Sanders who has helped many photographers improve their skills and business and Marilyn Sholin who will be talking about selling fine art.

Open source forum is a photography forum set up by David Jay. The atmosphere here , in my experience , has always been friendly and supportive and a great resource for finding solutions to all kinds of photographic issues.  I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop David Jay (and  Bob Davis) held in Paris a couple of years ago, which really speeded up my workflow , as well as encouraged  me to start experimenting a bit more with off camera flash.

Speaking of  off camera flash ..the best resource I’ve found for this is Stobist. I am far from an expert in this area but have learnt a lot from exploring this site. And heading into the autumn and winter is a good time to start experimenting with lighting.

Shutter sisters – an inspirational website to visit and contribute to.  At the moment you can see some of the photos resulting from the “Hope” project as well as their daily photographic servings.

Letting go of the camera –  by Brooks Jensen.  This is still one of my favourite books on photography. Short essays that can be read with a cup of tea and never fail to trigger a new idea.

For information on all things Polaroid that are still available, Polapremium  is the place to look.  ( And for updates on how things  are getting on  with plans to develop a new “Polaroid like” film see  The Impossible Project  . )


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