“12 City Project” Update – Tallinn

Tallinn 1

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I am quite enjoying that my travel schedule has become a little less hectic now that I’ve finished shooting the “12 City Project”.  And one of the things that I’ve learned in the course of doing this project is that I  much prefer “being in other places” to travelling to  get there. Or that the most enjoyable travel  is done by train or even bus.  Also, in order to fit the work around other commitments I thought it would be easiest  to do one city a month. In fact, that created a lot of racing around and  I would intend future projects  to involve less trips but be of longer duration.

Going to Tallinn was slightly “two for the price of one” as I flew to Riga and travelled to Tallinn by bus. Very convenient and good bus service, bookable online in advance which I really recommend. ( Train travel between the two countries isn’t very practical). Riga looked quite amazing from a decorative “Art Nouveau” point of view, but for the purposes of my Polaroid project I’m glad I persevered and went on up to Tallinn. The combination of a well preserved medieval centre and the city walls with protective towers were perfect subjects.

This is the first of the Tallin Polaroids to be processed. As ever I’ve been fighting the “green layer” and trying to get the colours back to something more pleasing.  This one is taken from one of the towers on the city wall. You can’t walk round the whole city but you can follow certain sections and go up into the towers.


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