Ullapool and further north…..


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Unusually for me , some fairly “straight” photos from my recent post exhibition trip. The countryside in the north west is so beautiful it really doesn’t need much else added. The first photo is from the edge of Ullapool looking north.  You can just spot one of the big blue tents that were errected for Loopallu the big annual music festival taking place over this weekend. The other photos are further north, on the way up to Achiltibuie. It would be great to spend a week or so up here just walking along the beaches .




Tourist information on Ullapool at www.ullapool.co.uk and of course great coffees and cakes ( and a very lovely sweet potato soup) at the Gallery Cafe – www.gallerycafeullapool.com  And a self -catering cottage  right in the middle of Achiltibuie – looks lovely !


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