Kaffe Fassett and the Ullapool Pottery

Kaffe Fassett Mosaic

When I was planning the  trip north, to collect my exhibition from the Gallery Cafe Ullapool, there was a little glimmer of memory that Kaffe Fassett mentioned he had created a mosaic in the village.

So top of my list before leaving was to pay a little visit to the Highland Stoneware Pottery to have a look.  I think he got some assistance from pupils at the high school next door as it is quite a large project. But if you are passing by it is well worth a look.  Now, all I need is a large wall to have a go on myself.

Equally, it is worth keeping an eye on Kaffe’s  schedule to see if he is speaking near you. Or somewhere you can get to . ( I went to do a patchwork workshop in Gothenburg). He is an inspirational speaker and his slide show will leave you feeling like you have been immersed in colour for an hour or two.

Kaffe  Fassett Mosaic 2

Kaffe Fassett 3


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