Strawberries and other matters ….

Summer Strawberries

Summer Strawberries

Light blogging today as I am in the “card factory” making up a supply to take up to Ullapool for the exhibition that opens on Thursday. (They will also be appearing in my Etsy shop sometime soon.) If you are in Ullapool and would like an invitation to the opening on the 28th just let me know.

Other news – I have a Newsletter in the works which will also be launching soon. If you’d like to “Be in the Know”  click  the link at the top of the right hand column. ( Or click HERE ) I have had to take this slightly clumsy option as the programme I wanted to use was incompatible with my blog platform. And so in the meantime I’ve gone for this option. You’ll receive two downloadable postcards as a bonus for signing up.

Also a huge thank you to Rachelle over at Magpie-Girl for featuring me on her blog  www .  today. She did a great job with it. The song with the slide show is by the incomparable Karine Polwart.

And finally there will be something special happening at my Etsy shop tomorrow – 25th of August. Which is ,of course, a very important day in the calendar ! 🙂


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