Five on a Friday – Five things I like about the Ancient Celts…

Prague Collage

Prague Collage

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Well, with a little bit of artistic licence too. 

I was thinking, you see, about time and ages and resolutions , as you do, ( well I do , please tell me that you do too)  when a birthday is coming up. So the end of August is in my personal calendar for review of  progress and making plans. Of course I do the same at New Year , and that always felt the time to make bigger changes but I have decided to do it differently this year. The Ancient Celts knew a thing or two and they had their new year at the end of October. And either September or October seem much gentler months to make big changes than in the middle of winter when things are at their bleakest and the days shortest. So I am bringing forward my time for making big plans and decisions to the beginning of September. It feels particularly natural to do so because my big one year project is coming to an end in a couple of weeks. That leaves New Year free to be purely a celebration without all those overtones of “things that must be done or changed”  Would you change your “New Year” to a different season ?

One of the best but most frustrating things about the Celts is that we know so little about them. They have left Scotland ( and other places ) scattered with the most amazing structures  and we just don’t have any definite proof about what they were for , or why they are at those particular  locations.  A lot of conjecture but no one really knows. One of my favourites is the Callanish Stone Circle  on the island of Lewis.

They have left us information about their amazing artistry , particularly their  intricate  stone carvings. Many modern artists , especially jewellers have been inspired by this . One who made a real study of it and produced a lot of interesting pieces was Alexander Ritchie  from Iona.

This site offers up some suggestions to the possible meanings behind celtic designs.

And finally, the fifth thing for today – the ancient Celts ( Welsh variety) had a Goddess called Rhiannon. Enough said.

If you want to do your own “Five on a Friday ” please do , and add them in the comments or on your own blog. Let me know and I will pop over for a look.


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