Edinburgh – Victoria Street

Victoria Street . Edinburgh

Busy getting ready for the next exhibition which will open on the 28th of August at The Gallery Cafe , Ullapool. ( If you’d like an invitation to the opening , drop me a line)  And if you are going to Ullapool any other time, do drop in for a bite to eat at this cafe –  they have a regular series of exhibitions planned.

This photo is of one of the nicest streets in Edinburgh -as I may well have mentioned in a previous post. As well as being exceedingly attractive there are are also still  a lot of independent businesses here. Current favourites are the wool shop ( not that I’ve started knitting again, but I still love the shop) and a great bookshop which has all kinds of titles around the theme of design, fonts, branding and the like. Add a very nice juice cafe  and the lovely Maison Bleue restaurant into the mix and you have a pretty perfect street.


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh – Victoria Street

  1. Good luck with the exhibition! I love Victoria Street, had one of the most delicious meals ever in the Grain Store a few years ago. A wonderful aromas from Mellis cheese shop …..

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