Venice Details

Venice Details

Slight respite after a couple of busy weeks. Next things on the agenda are the exhibition which will open in Ullapool on the 28th of August. ( If you are in the area and would like an invitation to the opening leave me a comment or send an email). And then to Tallinn, the last city in my “12 City Project”. Hard for me to believe that this project , which, it has to be said, was started on a whim, is nearly complete. Well, the shooting part perhaps, but the images will be providing with me for material for a lot longer.

In between this, a little time to do some things in the festival. I spent a most enjoyable morning having  “Breakfast with Burns”. Alicia Devine has returned to the Fringe,  having transformed her two person sellout play from last year into a solo performance. ” A fascinating exploration of Robert Burns through the eyes of the women who loved him” Alicia kept the audience completely spellbound as she wove the stories from each character together, interspersed with songs by Burns. And you get breakfast as well – hard to start the day in a nicer way!


2 thoughts on “Venice Details

  1. As always, beautiful photos! 🙂

    I received your email but was on vacation. I’m back from my vacation & will catch up with your blog more soon, but it may take a few days for me to email back unfortunately. I’m going to be so busy for the next few days.

    I wish you a wonderful week & wonderful times with the ending of your 12 City Project!

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