Five on a Friday

Red Red Poppy

Red Red Poppy

I’m going to be moving my “Five on a Friday” posts over to a different theme each week, but for today I’m staying with my varied mix.

One of my favourite books for dipping in and out of is “A Year of Mornings”. This book grew out of the very popular photo blog  “3191” so called because this was the distance between the two participants.  There is something very calm and serene about the images , and it is amazing how often they are somehow matching even though they were shot without any prior consultation.  A long distance photo collaboration is definitely something I’d like to have a go at sometime.

If I get just too serene then Paprika Balkanicus is a good wake up call. They are a true Eastern European medley with a Romanian , a Slovenian and three Serbs. Doesn’t look as though they are playing in Edinburgh this summer so I’ll need to content myself with the CD. They are heading to Australia in September and October so keep a look out for them if you are in that part of the world.

Right up in my top ten of foodie blogs is Tartelette – actually she neatly combines in one go fabulous recipes and the most beautiful food photography. It is best to visit on a day when you were planning to bake or make a dessert otherwise it might just be a little too much like torture !

Another Etsy favourite of mine is Geninne’s Art Store . She’s from Mexico city and sells reproductions of her water colour paintings – with a strong emphasis on birds . Actually they are watercolour mixed in with collage elements which is probably why they appeal to me so much .

And finally a perfect little gadget to while away a rainy afternoon. ( We are having more rainy afternoons than I care for. I mean, I don’t mind rain (and from a photographic point of view rain can be great too) – but it is August tomorrow and I’d like a little more summer please and a chance to sip wine in the gardens  on a summer evening with my Italian neighbours .)  Anyway, the gadget – Tiltshiftmaker – will let you create fake Tilt shift photos from your own images – they look pretty convincing too. Your photos will look like they were shot in a model village.


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