Etsy Spotlight

Etsy Favourites Mosaic

Like a mini alternative to doing a treasury I have been enjoying compiling these Etsy collections.  Today with a summery red and green theme.

The tea mug is by Mr PS  – made by Megan Price in Manchester. I love her quirky slightly retro designs – alongside the mugs she also designs tea towels and tote bags.

The tin earrings are a recent discovery for me – made in Michigan by Shixie .  I love the “waste not want not ” element to fashioning earrings out of tins that would otherwise be discarded.  

Little tomato studs are amongst the simplest of the designs in Petit Plat’s  shop of minatures – you’ll find all kinds of fruit tarts, cakes and boxes  of macarons in her shop. Stephanie Kilgast is the designer behind this shop , creating all these mini works of art near Paris, France. Some are wearable and others would be suitable for a dolls house.

Jellybeans is the Etsy shop run by Angela Vandenbogaard from Ontario, Canada – her designs are cheerful and full of colour. It was difficult to choose a favourite but I do particularly like this one – it would be perfect in a child’s bedroom.


3 thoughts on “Etsy Spotlight

  1. I have a Jellybeans original piece and a print and they do brighten up my craft room a treat! I’ve also bought things from Mr PS before too as presents and they have been very well received!

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