Flickr Favourites – Packaging

Packaging Mosaic

1.Oh hello friend – packaging , 2. Shop Packaging , 3 My New Etsy Shop , 4. Pendant Packaging

( You can make your own mosaic here – BigHugeLabs – careful, its addictive )

Mitsy from Artmind chose packaging for her Flickr Favourites today and I’ve decided to stay with the same theme. I have a real soft spot for all kinds of packaging and paper. Have a whole drawer full of saved pieces of inspirational items, ribbons , stickers and other bits and bobs. I do clear them out now and again when it gets too ridiculous but some of them are so gorgeous that it is hard to throw them out. I’ve had this habit for a very long time so I’m not holding my breath for a cure anytime soon.

Of course selling on Etsy and elsewhere is also a chance to be creative with my own packaging. At the moment I don’t have a fixed style although I do stay  within my colour scheme.I like to use recycled elements where I can and to ring the changes with different ribbons or stickers. Stickers especially are a real aid to getting a consistent image across without the expense of having boxes professionally printed in great quantities. When I used to design silk scarves and ties I  packaged them in gold pillow packs with my logo sticker on them and they looked very classy. Stickers are also great for putting your stamp on the outside of the package – I often add something there because it just looks more cheerful that way.

I have some orders to package today and researching this post has inspired me to try out something new as well  – and I’ll do a post sometime soon about that.


5 thoughts on “Flickr Favourites – Packaging

  1. Stickers are indeed a good idea. I’ve been actually thinking of a redoe of the whole marketing scheme of mine, and the stickers did pop in my head.

    Love all those ribbons and sweat packages!

  2. I’m so glad you sticked to the theme I chose as now I get to see more wonderful packaging! YAY!
    I would also love to go through your drawer and see what goodies you have in there! LOL 🙂
    I love little bits and bobs but for Etsy, my packages are mainly all the same style: I attach a happy girl to every package and it have become my trademark really…
    Glad that making mosaics is not only addictive but also inspirational! 🙂

  3. I am obsessed with wrapping…I can’t believe you have a whole drawer! We must be kindred spirits. I love that “Hello Friend” ensemble…so creative.

  4. Ooooh, I love these images. There is nothing better than a sweetly wrapped package! (It almost beats the treasure that might be inside!) Thank you for sharing these!

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