Five on a Friday

Istanbul Street


 ( Photograph is the most recent Polaroid that I’ve processed from the Istanbul series. I am trying to get rid of the green cast. Not perfect,but on the right track. I should post the original and you’ll see what I have been battling with !)                                                                           

Now that I have a bit longer at home , in one stretch, it is a bit easier to keep up with these regular slots.

First up, when I was in Budapest I mentioned that I read a little of this book  The Polaroids by Andre Kertesz   in a bookshop. ( I’m sorry, fantastic Bestsellers  bookshop, for not buying it there and then, but when I travel I try to keep any additional items to a minimum). Once I was home I sought it out in the equally fabulous Beyond Words  bookshop in Edinburgh – it is an inspirational read and the results Kertesz achieved are beautiful.

Musically I am still in the east – and this cd  “Kings and Queens” – Fanfare Ciocarlia – is a nice mix  not only of Fanfare Ciocarlia but also some of the other musicians from  the eastern european Romany community .

Back in Edinburgh, the city is getting busy a little earlier than usual, with the “Gathering” taking place over the weekend. Clan chiefs and clan members from all over the world converging on Holyrood Park for a full weekend of events. My favourite Edinburgh guidebook in current publication is The Local’s Guide to Edinburgh. Beautiful layout (which always wins me over), interviews with locals about their favourite spots and a nice compact size for bag or pocket.  Although there are always the “big name” tourist guide publishers who cover every place,  I am increasingly drawn to the quirkly little one off guides.

An Etsy favourite who I’ve featured in quite a few treasuries is Pamela Angus – she works in stained glass but with very original designs – beautifully coloured garlands and delicate tea cups.

And this is one of my  favourite blogs if I am in the mood for a bit of design loveliness – Bloesem. Written by Irene who is from Amsterdam originally (hence the Dutch spelling of the name – it means Blossom) and now lives in Kuala Lumpur.

Please do add your own five in the comments or on your blog – let me know and I’ll come and visit. Wish you a lovely weekend 🙂


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