Sibiu Polaroid – 12 City Project, City 11 !


Hurray, I am processing the 11th of my 12 cities – just one city left to visit. I wasn’t sure I’d get even this far when I launched into this project on a whim last August.

From all points of view Sibiu has been one of my favourite cities to photograph. The centre is very compact and I’ve noticed that  I much preferred the cities that were manageable on foot. Also , a certain number of the cities  I chose could possibly be mistaken for each other, if the image was not of some recognisable landmark. Against this backdrop the images of Sibiu are quite distinctive.

I promise I was not in the slightest bit influenced by the fact that I was able to do most of the “smooshing” on the terrace  here  ( Actually the site doesn’t seem to have a shot of their terrace, just the inside of the cafe)- while listening to a fantastic string quartet. Really not at all !

This polaroid is of the “Liar’s Bridge” – apparently if you tell a lie while standing on it, the bridge will collapse. And the Atrium Cafe mentioned above is just to the left of it.


7 thoughts on “Sibiu Polaroid – 12 City Project, City 11 !

  1. It’s a very beautiful picture!
    But at what hour did you make the picture?Because there is no person on the bridge,and even in all picture!

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi to you 🙂
      I can’t remember exactly what time of day I shot this – possibly mid morning or late afternoon. But in any case I did wait for a long time to have no people on the bridge – or on the edges – or brightly coloured cars driving below in places where I didn’t want them. I think I waited between half and hour and an hour – the rest of Sibiu was a bit easier from that point of view 🙂

  2. Wow! It’s amazing, what a small world! Sibiu is one of my favourite cities, I lived there for a year. I’m glad you found me online and I hope you like your Transilvanian leaf pendant :>

    And this 12 city project… you’ve given me an idea! I did a little Eurotrip this spring, u can read about it here (use the archive to read all episodes). But 12 cities in one go… now that’s a worthwhile purpose! 😀

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