A Taster from the Budapest Polaroids…

Gul Baba Utca

Quick post today as I’ve been spending all my time processing. These Polaroids continue to be tricky. I do  miss the other more straight forward film, but this is the film I have to use now.

This street is on the Buda side of the city – called Gul Baba Utca . The cobbled street leads   to the tomb of the 16th Century Turkish dervish poet. Known in Hungary as the “Father of Roses” as  he is supposed to have introduced the rose to the country.

With a very distinctive look I was keen to get a good Polaroid of this spot. In the first stage of my Budapest visit I did a couple of  Polaroids here but the film was very problematic, so I tried again when I came back after Romania.


2 thoughts on “A Taster from the Budapest Polaroids…

  1. WOW!!! mazing thing you’ve done with the pic…..I love it, it is like a painting, or more like the works of a famous Hungarian painter, Erno Zorad.

    He drew a lot of pictures of the disctrict called Taban (demolished after WWII), which was a similar place to Gül Baba utca.
    I could find only a few pics on the net:

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