Most useful photographic accessory….

Gothenburg Lanterns

Gothenburg Lanterns

are feet. I forget which photographer said this, during a lecture, but I know what he was getting at. In this day and age everyone is a photographer. And I know that everyone doesn’t aspire to be a professional, but still it is a shame to see people not taking the best photo they could. Walking a little closer to the subject could help , for example. Or actually standing still to take the photo. Moving photos are a whole genre to themselves, but I don’t think that’s what the tourist in a hurry is aiming for.

The second useful thing is a good supply of patience. Working with Polaroids really requires this – because there are only so many shots you consider and reconsider whether a shot is just how you want it. This does mean, on occasion that you have to stand in one spot for half an hour or longer, waiting for the conditions to be right. Either for the light to change or for a street to be empty of people.  For me , Polaroid is the camera equivalent of “slow food” – quite ironic since it started out as the fast version !

And at the risk of repeating myself, I am still very impressed with the improvement that using a monopod brings. I can probably hear a little voice out there saying ” I told you so “.

It seems too bare to post without adding a photo, so I am just having to add images from the archive . This is probably my favourite photo from the Gothenburg series.

PS – Still on my travels – after big train ride from Sibiu am back in Budapest now. Had reviving morning at the Gellert baths and now ready to take some more photos.


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